Swim Yourself Fit

One of the best things about a backyard pool is the many options it provides in terms of enjoyment. However you like to have fun in your pool, there's something for everyone, and more and more Australians each year are discovering the diverse reasons to have a pool in the backyard. One excellent way to make the most of your pool is fitness and health. You may have decided to start working on your fitness but failed to realize that instead of being at the gym or in your running shoes, the secret to better health is right there in your backyard! we've put together a few tips for optimizing health and fitness in your pool, so get the pool cleaner ready, start stretching and get prepared to get fit and have fun at the same time!

Set Goals

Whatever your fitness goals are, it is important to keep note of them and to celebrate when they have been reached. Rather than having one goals (say, to lose 5 kilos) you should set yourself a number of little benchmarks along the way to keep things varied and interesting, and to keep hold of that all-important motivation. If you notice that you are beginning to swim further and for longer without stopping for a break, record this and try to improve on it the next time. Competing against yourself ensures you keep achieving your goals, and soon what started out as an effort will become a habit!

Think Outside the Box

A swimming pool, contrary to what its name suggests, is useful for a lot more than just swimming. Water provides the perfect amount of resistance against your body weight which means that your pool provides the perfect setting for gentle aqua-aerobics, injury rehabilitation and toning exercises.

Improve Breathing Technique

Another way that exercising in water can benefit your health is that it can help improve your lung capacity and breathing techniques, as swimming forces you to control your breath and hold it for extended periods. Getting more oxygen and controlling breathing can benefit every area of your life, including your skin, stress, circulation and thought process.

Change it Up

Keeping your routine fresh is one of the best ways to ensure you remain focused and, most importantly, continue to enjoy yourself. Setting yourself a varied workout, such as cardio one day and water-resistance training the next will make sure you don't fall into an exercising rut and lose momentum. Changing the workout will also keep your muscle groups guessing which means that you'll be engaging a wider spectrum and giving your whole body a great workout.

Swimming for fitness is rewarding, fun and hugely beneficial to your health, and can improve almost every area of your well-being. You'll find yourself sleeping better, having more energy, and noticing improvements in your body (inside and out) in no time, so turn off that pool pump and get working!

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